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Sewer pipes

Live in Bxxxxxxt Kersbrook old house has earthenware pipes . Toilet keeps blocking up. Lived here 30 years have had other pipes cleared but not the sewer

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Storm Water pit

Hi, The Salvation Army in St. Kilda need their storm water pit cleaned out and water tank services. Also cleaning out the sediment from the bottom of the water tank. It is a 70,000 litre under ground water tank. Also would you be be able to install an above ground tank metre for the tank? […]

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Smelly Drains

Hi, we are having a problem with our bathroom drains that are smelling. They don’t appear to be blocked and water runs down the drain fine. Draino helps for a little while but the smell comes back. Is this something your company could help with and approximately how much would it cost?

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price enquiry

My house’s drain is blocked, I want to do camera inspection at the same time as cleaning it, how about the price of it. and could I get the final report and video footage of inspection, thanks!

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Blocked Storm Water Drains

We believe based on advice from our plumber and water going over the gutters that our storm water drains are blocked. Please advise on how much it will cost and how soon you can do the job to unblock the storm drain that runs off onto the road.

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Stormwater Drains

I would like a quote please for cleaning out the storm water drains outside our home Kind Regards

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