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At Plumber Melbourne, we have the professional ability attend to all plumbing emergencies you may have in Melbourne. We are fully available for a total of 24 hours in a day and in all the 7 days of the week. Upon receiving the on line booking or call from you, we will promptly deliver a plumber at your doorstep in an hour’s time to fix the blocked drains using one of the electric drain machines or the electric eels that fall within our equipment range.

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All electric drain cleaning machines prove to be beneficial when it comes to cutting and also removing any kind of stubborn tree roots as compared with the effectiveness displayed by the hydrojet drain cleaning machine. All our plumbing maintenance vehicles carry the electric drain machines for use in the clearing of blocked drains within Melbourne.

We use the machines all by ourselves in   the process of clearing the blocked drains found in homes; however, we also still make use of the hydrojet drain cleaning machine.

When you engage our services, we are actually able to end up clearing your clogged sewer and blocked drains any hour of the day on a 24/7 basis and at the same time be able to thoroughly check the drains using our CCTV drains camera for the purpose of finding the main reason as to why it is actually blocking.

As professional plumbers, we have indeed come a long way in terms of the tools of trade that  we use, our history dates back to the days when we used hand rods and now we have advanced to electric drains cleaning machines, which makes the drains clearing job to be far easier for us plumbers since we have become more effective as result of using electric drains machine.

In order for you to purchase a brand new electric drains machine you need to part with $4,500 however, the recurrent maintenance costs will be extremely high for these machines.

Those cutters joined to rods cost anywhere between $50 to$100 per unit and they need to be regularly replaced owing to tear and wear as well as breakages.

Drain cables cost $750 each yet the y also have to be regularly replaced as a result of breaking or probably due to severe kinks found in the cable.

On Marco machine there exist some bearings that have to be constantly replaced on power feed, the moment it gets worn it will end up costing the plumber in the tune of $80 – $120.

As seasoned plumbers in the industry, we actually recommend electric drain cleaning machines to be used especially on the house hold drains, instead of the large commercial drains.

Electric drain cleaning machines are also known to be very dangerous at the time of operating them, we further suggest that those plumbers using them need to be properly trained on operating them and on how to use them safely.

Whenever the electric eel/drain machines hit on the blockage or it faces some kind of obstruction, its cable can coil on itself thus creating a whip like kind of motion with the electric cable, which will turn out to be extremely dangerous in case the cable continues to be fed via its machine.

Electric drains machine aren’t very effective when it comes to the removal of fine tree roots like the hydrojet, but then again, the electric eel proves to be far stronger when it comes to the cutting and removal of the larger roots.

The Marco Drains Cleaning Machine

This type of drain cleaning machine is made in America, it has a drum on it that can carry 75 feet of cable. Such a length is meant for reaching most of the household blockages with the assumption that there are some sufficient inspection points present, this is according to the plumbing regulations that govern us. Some of the downfalls that are associated with this machine are listed below:


    • 1. The cables have a tendency of kinking regularly since they are 20mm, the Ridgid cables are much thicker.
    • 2. The Marco cable doesn’t go around the plastic gully traps, but the hydrojets actually do.
    • 3. Since there exists only a 75 ft long cable, it is indeed very heavy work and also time consuming to have to put another cabled drum on the Macro drain machine. When using the Ridgid one it is a lot simpler to join the 2.5 meter long cables depending on length of the drains that require rodding.
    • 4. The Marco type is a far much heavier type of machine when it comes to lifting it out of the vans and having to go with it up the stairs to the second story homes, but the Ridgid type of drain machine is lighter.
    • 5. Our cumulative maintenance costs are higher when it comes to running a Marco than running a Ridgid.
    • 6. There exists only one distributor in the whole of Australia for the Marco drain machine spare parts, thus making it a bit difficult to ensure that we are actually getting the a more cost effective yet cheap price, unless of course you purchase it from overseas.
      • This machine is lighter when compared to the Marco drains machine
      • It usually won’t go round the plastic gully traps whereas the hydrojets actually do
      • It is simple to have the cables joined together in order to reach over to the blockage
      • There are less cable replacements required as compared to the Marco drains machine
      • The spare parts are readily available in every suburb for Ridgid drains machine, which is not the case for the Marco
      • There are so many distributors available throughout Australia, thus making the sourcing of any needed repair parts to be easy almost everywhere.

Summary Comparison of Both Machines

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